Welcome to L & A Tech!

We specialize in making E-Commerce solutions & mobile apps. Our solutions are being used by more than 2,00,000 people across 6 continents, 200 countries & more than 5000 cities, we are the single largest app creators in Goa.


eCommerce websites by L & A Tech are developed with usability in mind making the navigational experience simple. This allows your firm to reach its maximum potential selling products or services online. Our most valued services include eCommerce website development, SEO, branding / logo design and other professional marketing and consultation services. The entire package consists of

  • SMS gateway integration
  • Online and offline payment modes
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping Categories
  • Reporting
  • Marketing
  • Tax

Mobile Apps.

With an app portfolio consisting of eleven apps, used by more than 1,00,000 people across 6 continents, 200 countries and more than 5000 cities, we are the single largest app creators in Goa. Our apps are

  • Bible Inspiration
  • Bible Story of The Day
  • Bible 365
  • Social Coconut
  • Gita Inspiration
  • White Knight
  • Pope Encyclopedia
  • Povitr Pustok Prernna
  • Best Jesus Wallpapers
  • Best Ganesha Wallpapers
  • Best Shiva Wallpapers

Website Design.

A professional website is the key to establishing your business online and capturing leads. At L & A Tech we specialize in custom website design and development that allows your brand to be unique. Through content management system (CMS) creation and other tools, you'll have full capabilities to manage your website. The entire package consists of

  • Professional Custom Design
  • Mobile & Tablet Optimized
  • Lead Generation Focused
  • Content Management System
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Identity & Brand Design
  • Social Media Integration
  • & much more

What drives Us?

Building successful software products! We wake up in the morning to create products that people will use, products that make money, products that top the charts.

There are over 1 million iPhone & iPad apps out there. Ours stand out from the crowd. We build the kind of apps that people move to their home screen. We know what users want and we know how to build apps that matter to them.

We think “vendor” is a dirty word; companies hire us to become their partner. Fueled isn't an ad agency and we don't build campaign-driven mobile apps. Instead, we work together with our clients to build compelling products that provide lasting excitement and value to their customers.

Our understanding of iPhone, Android, iPad and web based technology enables us to bring a level of expertise to your enterprise like no one else. We know how to build products that can scale to your business' needs, no matter how large.

If you are a startup, we can create your entire startup from ideation through release or we can just round out your team in a particular area. Either way, we are your partner.

We won't put our name on just anything, though - we only work on ideas we believe in.

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